Federation Sets Summit (11/12)


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The AFL-CIO, to which the SIU is affiliated, has posted the following news release:


AFL-CIO Announces National Summit on Wages

Major Event to Launch Bold Year of Action to be held Jan. 7, 2015


The AFL-CIO announced today that it would hold the first-ever National Summit on Wages this January, laying claim to a bold progressive strategy immediately as the new year opens.


The Summit will be held January 7, 2015, at Gallaudet University in Washington, D.C., will establish raising wages as the unifying progressive value in 2015 and beyond.  In 2014, income inequality was cemented as the defining economic story of a generation.  Now, progressives are challenged with rising to the occasion and solving the dilemma of income inequality by raising wages throughout America.


The Summit will feature a vibrant mix of contributors from the worlds of activism, business, policy, politics, and the workplace.  It will be an extended, eclectic discussion about policies and strategies to raise wages in America, including significant interaction with a planned audience of more than 300.


The urgent need for the Summit was reinforced on November 4.  On Election Day, voters made clear their desire for a raising wages economy, even as they rejected candidates who wouldn’t boldly stand up for that agenda.  This election erased any ambiguities.  The landscape is clear. 


“With an open landscape and the 2016 presidential campaign looming, we intend to elevate the raising wages platform, articulate a powerful and diverse agenda, and lay down markers of accountability for political leaders at all levels and in both political parties,” said Eric Hauser, AFL-CIO Strategic Advisor and Director of Communications.


Further details about the Summit will be announced in early December.




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