Federation, DOL Issue Statements on Supreme Court Decision (6/30)


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The AFL-CIO, to which the SIU is affiliated, and the U.S. Department of Labor have issued the following statements, respectively:


AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka: Harris v. Quinn an assault on wages,
middle class


June 30, 2014


The extreme views of today’s Supreme Court aimed at home care workers aren’t just bad for unions – they’re bad for all workers and the middle class. But the attacks on the freedom of workers to come together are nothing new. They are part of an onslaught from anti-worker organizations hostile to raising wages or improving benefits for millions of people. These attacks are a direct cause of an economy in which middle class families can’t get a break because their wages have stagnated and their incomes have declined.


Home care is one of the fastest growing industries. Its workers do backbreaking, thankless work, often for low wages. By forming a union these workers are helping to combat income inequality and the rise of low-wage jobs, ensuring that these are good jobs with good benefits.


Make no mistake: The fate of workers cannot and will not be decided by one Supreme Court decision. The Court upheld the right of public employees to have strong unions and workers will vigorously build on that foundation.


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Statement by US Secretary of Labor Thomas E. Perez
on Harris v. Quinn Supreme Court ruling


WASHINGTON – U.S. Secretary of Labor Thomas E. Perez issued the following statement today regarding the U.S. Supreme Court’s Harris v. Quinn decision:


“Home care workers do heroic work, providing high-quality, compassionate care that allows seniors and people with disabilities to live at home with independence and dignity.


“By organizing together, these workers have improved both their own working conditions and the quality of services they provide. The demand for skilled home care workers will only increase as the population ages and more people require these services.


“Today’s Supreme Court decision will make it more difficult for home care workers to have a united voice and the support they need to best serve their clients. We can and will continue to work in partnership with home care workers, consumers, employers, unions and states to ensure both good jobs and quality home care.”



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