ITF: MLC Working as Planned (9/11)


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The International Transport Workers’ Federation (ITF), to which the SIU is affiliated, has issued the following news release, dated Sept. 11. ITF Seafarers’ Section Chair David Heindel, quoted in the last paragraph, is secretary-treasurer of the SIU.


ITF applauds MLC detentions


The ITF today applauded port state control in Canada and Denmark for their actions in detaining two vessels under the Maritime Labour Convention 2006 (MLC) – and pointed out how the detentions prove the new convention’s potential.


In Canada the Lia M was detained, and in Denmark the Atlantic Carrier (see was held. Both were stopped over unpaid wages and lack of employment contracts. In the case of the Lia M, crew complaints included a “collective bargaining agreement” that lacked the vessel name, a date or a wage scale; crew with no money, no shampoo, toothpaste or other items; a crew member who had twice been refused access to a doctor; and crew members having been forced to sign blank contracts.


Following the intervention of PSC and the ITF both vessels are now MLC compliant.


ITF Seafarers’ Section Chair David Heindel commented: “It’s great to see the MLC in action. These were serious infringements and remedial action has been swiftly taken. These detentions should be a wake-up call to shipowners who are not complying with the MLC, and a further reminder to those countries who haven’t yet ratified of why they need to.”




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