SIU Members Urge Support of Food for Peace (5/9)


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Attention: Seafarers

Scroll to the bottom of this post for links to sample letters that may be used in the campaign to save American maritime jobs. Copies are available at the union halls, too.


SIU members have joined in a Maritime Trades Department, AFL-CIO campaign to push for full funding for the Food for Peace program. As part of the campaign, MTD port councils are urging senators and congressional representatives to back the time-tested program. Individual SIU members are doing likewise.


As Michael Sacco, president of both the MTD and the SIU, recently put it in a message to Seafarers, “In our current fight to preserve Food for Peace, your help is critical. Let your senators and congressional reps know that American jobs and American sealift capabilities are at stake.”


Seafarers may find contact information for their congressional representatives at:


while contact information for senators is available at:


The first sample letter is available HERE


A second letter is available HERE




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