Alaska Tanker Company CEO Honored (6/4)


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SIU Port Agent Joe Vincenzo presented the CEO of Seafarers-contracted Alaska Tanker Company with the 2013 Labor-Managment Award from the Puget Sound Maritime Trades Port Council, AFL-CIO. The following is a press release about the event:



Puget Sound Maritime Trades Port Council, AFL-CIO  Honors Anil Mathur, CEO of Alaska Tanker Company with its 2013 Labor-Management Luncheon Award


SEATTLE -- The Puget Sound Maritime Trades Port Council, AFL-CIO proudly announced the winner of their 2013 Labor-Management Award to Anil Mathur, CEO of the Alaska Tanker Company at the annual Labor-Management luncheon held at and in support of the Catholic Seafarer’s Center in Seattle, Washington on May 30, 2013. This award recognizes the contributions and support of a regional leader from organized labor or a maritime business or community leader who has demonstrated a deep appreciation for and promotion of maritime commerce, safe marine practices, and/or progressive operations/labor relations on the waterfront.


Anil Mathur has been at the helm of Alaska Tanker Company (ATC) for the past thirteen years serving as their CEO and President.  ATC currently has four state-of-the-art double hulled tankers with redundant propulsion and navigation systems carrying Alaskan crude oil from Valdez, AK to the U.S. West Coast trade.  Under Anil’s leadership, the company has completed over a decade of operations and moved nearly a billion barrels without spilling a single drop of crude to sea (2003-2013). Furthermore, ATC has also completed eleven years and some seventeen million hours of operations with only one Lost Time Injury (a finger injury).  Industry observers are not aware of any other tanker company, world-wide, that has achieved such a long standing safety and environmental performance record.  


According to Vince O’Halloran, President of the Puget Sound Maritime Trades Port Council, “Anil is the kind of leader all of us on the working waterfront admire.  He is committed to running his operation in a manner that respects the environment and the safety of his crews.  He wants his people to come home to their families in as good shape as when they left –and they do--despite the oftentimes harsh environment in which they earn a living.”



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