Federation Backs O’Grady Appointment (7/11)


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The International Transport Workers’ Federation, to which the SIU is affiliated, has issued the following news release, dated July 11:


ITF applauds O’ Grady appointment


The ITF (International Transport Workers’ Federation) today welcomed the election of Frances O’Grady as the next general secretary of the British TUC (Trades Union Congress).


Diana Holland, chair of the ITF’s women’s committee, said: “It is a real honor to be asked to pay tribute to a dedicated, effective and special trade union sister, Frances O’ Grady. I have known her for many years, campaigned with her, organized with her, and seen firsthand how her involvement has made a difference to the trade union movement. Frances has never just talked about making things happen. She has made things happen.”


She continued: “As the only nominee for the position of the next TUC general secretary, this is a true vote of confidence from the whole trade union movement – men and women, large and small unions, from all sectors. Frances has a special understanding of transport issues, having worked previously for the Transport & General Workers Union, and she currently leads on transport as TUC deputy general secretary, working closely with Unite, RMT, ASLEF and TSSA.


“A strong ally of the international trade union movement, she also has a powerful track record of supporting equality and the involvement of working women, standing firm against racism, and advancing family friendly policies for all.”


She concluded: “She will of course be building on the foundations laid by the TUC general secretaries who have gone before her, but I am absolutely convinced that she will be innovative, she will encourage new workers to join unions, she will make sure the TUC’s voice is matched by action, and with Frances O’ Grady as TUC general secretary the trade union movement will be open to new ideas and alliances, while remaining true to its roots.”




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