SIU Members Discuss Rescue (2/10)


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SIU members on the Horizon Reliance earlier this week played a big role in helping save three individuals, including a 9-year-old boy, whose sailboat became disabled and ultimately sank in the Pacific. A few quotes from SIU members involved in the rescue appear below.


The initial news releases from Horizon Lines and the Coast Guard are posted HERE.


A related story in the Globe and Mail is available HERE


“The crew went way beyond anything I could have asked for. From top to bottom, the teamwork from the officers and crew was more than I thought possible. We saved lives last night. As they say, the SIU has some of the best-trained crews when it counts.”

Bosun Anthony Sabatini


“It really was a scary experience, but it’s a good thing we go through all that training.”

Engine Utility Cirico Geonanga


“I feared for the sailors, because the weather was really bad – very windy, rainy, very dark. The swells were huge: between 20-30 feet high.”

GUDE Adel Irani


“It was scary. I didn’t think the sailors were going to make it through, but we all pulled together and got it done.”

Chief Steward Joseph Laureta



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