Green Cove Rescues Four (3/22)


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Bosun Brad Brunette wrote the following account and provided the accompanying photos from a recent rescue by the Central Gulf Lines vessel Green Cove:


On Dec. 8, 2011 at 1400, the captain of the Green Cove received a call from an airborne warning and control system (AWACS) plane. The pilot reported a capsized vessel and asked for our assistance. This happened approximately 200 miles off the coast of Colombia.


The captain proceeded to the location the pilot provided. Once we were there, the AWACS stayed on station until the men were safely aboard our ship.


Bosun Brad Brunette and ABs Edward Ayres and Dhindo Faulve lashed two cargo nets together and lowered them alongside the pilot ladder. It turned out the men in the disabled boat were too weak to use the ladder, so we rigged the gangway to get them aboard.


Once aboard our ship, the men were treated for exposure and dehydration by AB Fred Martinez and the chief mate. The rescued men received the best Christmas present ever: being able to return to their families. They told us they had been adrift for nine days, and were out of water and food. They were very lucky to have survived.


Once rehydrated and fed, they felt much better and were transferred later that night to a Brazilian naval vessel.


In addition to those already mentioned, SIU members aboard the ship during the rescue included AB Larry Byrd, AB Louis Holder, AB Kelvin Johnson, OMU Dale Graham, OMU Davon McMillan, Steward/Baker Wayne Howard, Chief Cook Leslie McGirt and SA Diana House.



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