More Features Added to Member Portal (10/13)


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Two features recently were added to the members-only section of the SIU website: one that allows individual Seafarers to view their dues payment history, and another that links to medical claims information for mariners and their dependents.


Within the member portal (which may be accessed via the home page at or directly at, the Dues tab is self-explanatory and straightforward. It contains payment history including copies of receipts as well as reflecting any outstanding dues. It also includes records of contributions to the Maritime Defense League (MDL) and the Seafarers Political Activity Donation (SPAD).


Also within the portal, there’s a new Claims History link under the Medical tab. Clicking on the Claims History link will allow members and authorized dependents to view individual claims, dollar amounts paid, and much more.


“There’s a wealth of information available through the new Claims History link,” stated SIU Secretary-Treasurer David Heindel. “For example, members and their authorized dependents can check as to whether a deductible was applied, they can see explanations of benefits, and they can search a list of providers. They can also request a replacement or extra ID card, and they can access various medical forms that also are available on the regular SIU website.”


Seafarers Plans Administrator Maggie Bowen said the Claims History area “basically is designed as a one-stop shopping section for all types of claims: prescription, dental, vision and regular medical.”


In addition to the personalized and Seafarers-specific content, the new area includes My Health Center and My Wellness tabs which in turn offer a bevy of interactive tools, articles and links aimed at promoting good health. For instance, visitors may utilize the My Wellness section to design a customized health program for (among other options) weight management, smoking cessation, nutrition, and more. The My Health Center section includes links to hospital ratings and a video library, plus many other resources. Users may customize content and how it’s displayed by accessing the Dashboard Settings under the My Toolbox tab.


As previously reported, the union launched an upgraded, expanded version of its website in June. This is the third version of, and it’s the first one to feature a members-only section.


Questions about the member portal should be directed to the SIU’s membership assistance program at 1-800-252-4674 or via email at Questions and comments about the rest of the site may be submitted via email at




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