Coalition Denounces Proposal to Cut Federal Workforce, Freeze Wages (12/2)


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The Federal Workers Alliance, a group made up of 22 unions including the SIU that represent more than 300,000 federal employees, issued a statement in response to a proposal that would extend pay freezes for federal workers and would also implement cuts to the government workforce. The bill, introduced by Sen. Dean Heller (R- Nev.), was defeated on Dec. 1.


Below is the statement issued by the FWA.


Coalition of 22 Federal Unions Issues Statement on Proposals Targeting Pay Freeze, Workforce Cuts


Washington, D.C. – The Federal Workers Alliance, a coalition of 22 unions collectively representing over 300,000 federal workers government-wide, issued a statement following reports that some in Congress intend to pursue an extension of the federal pay freeze and a ten percent reduction in the workforce. Said William R. Dougan, Chairman of the Federal Workers Alliance:


“The members of the FWA are concerned with recent proposals to finance the extension of the payroll tax cut through an extended federal pay freeze and ten percent reduction in federal jobs. Federal employees are already sacrificing immensely with a two-year freeze on their pay and shoe string agency budgets. Such measures would have a great impact on the ability of the federal government to deliver key services to the American people. Furthermore, the resulting brain drain of skills and technical knowledge leaving the workforce could leave us with a government less capable of meeting the serious challenges facing our nation in the next several years. We feel these policies would undermine the ability of the government to heal America’s veterans, defend its borders, secure our national defense, protect Americans from contaminated food, and ensure the safety of the flying public, among other unfavorable outcomes. We strongly oppose any proposal to extend the federal pay freeze or institute a ten percent workforce reduction.”



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