Seafarers 401(k) Plan


Listed below are links to PDF files of the Seafarers 401(k) Plan enrollment kit, distribution election form and fund profiles. Please note that the enrollment kit includes an introductory letter, plan-highlight sheet, beneficiary form and rollover form.

Additional information is available toll-free at 800-743-5274 and elsewhere on the web at

401(k) Forms and Enrollment Kit:

Enrollment Kit - January 2015

(Includes Enrollment form, Investment Envollment form, Beneficiary Form, and Rollover In Form)

Download Form  - PDF

Distribution Election Form

Dowload Form - PDF


Special Tax Notice

Download Form - PDF

State Tax Information

Download Form - PDF


Application for Hardship Withdrawal

Download Form - PDF

For a complete Hardship Withdrawal package, you must contact MassMutual at 1-800-743-5274 or you can download the package at Mass Mutual’s participant website at



Fund Profiles:


Fund Profiles as of 12-31-2014

Download Form - PDF



Participant Letters and General Notices:


Notice to Interested Parties of:  Seafarers Pension Plan, Seafarers Money Purchase Pension Plan, Seafarers 401(k) Plan, SIU Pacific District Plan, and MCS Supplementary Pension Plan  (January 2015) (PDF)


Seafarers International Union AGLIW 401(k) Plan Summary Annual Report for Plan Year 2013 11-2014 (PDF)


Participant Fees Disclosure Statement 06-07-2014

Download Form - PDF

401(k) Qualified Default Investment Alternative (QDIA) Notice 2015 Plan Year

Download Form - PDF


SMPPP and SIU 401(k) Plan Safe Harbor Notice for Plan Year 2015 (PDF)