Harley Marine Crews Ratify 3-Year Contract


August 2012


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Seafarers employed by Harley Marine Services Inc. recently ratified a three-year contract featuring annual wage increases and other gains.


All of the votes were in favor of the new pact, which covers two dozen SIU boatmen sailing on tugboats and barges in the New York Harbor. Negotiations began in March, with the SIU bargaining team consisting of Vice President Atlantic Coast Joseph Soresi, Patrolman Mark von Siegel and AB/Deckhand Bill Richardson.


“I think the guys will be happy with it,” said Richardson, who added that this was his first time participating on a bargaining committee. “I didn’t know what to expect, but it was a positive experience,” Richardson stated. “I’m glad I was part of it and could help my fellow shipmates out.”


The contract calls for yearly wage increases and also boosts company contributions to the Seafarers Pension Plan and the separate Seafarers Money Purchase Pension Plan. It establishes a “training” pay rate for attending classes at the union-affiliated school in Piney Point, Md.


Other highlights include additional holidays, annual increases in food allowances, greater consideration of seniority, and the opportunity for members to enroll in the Seafarers 401(k) Plan.


“Under any circumstance, a contract like this one is something the membership can be proud of,”Soresi stated. “But particularly in light of the current economy, this is a very solid agreement that will help both the crew members and the company.”


Similarly, von Siegel noted, “The end result is a good contract that was negotiated in good faith. It is fair and equitable to both parties and, most importantly, beneficial to the membership.”


Harley Marine was founded in 1987. The New York-area boatmen who work for the company primarily perform bunkering operations.





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